Creative Audio
Website of Barry McConnachie
I can offer experience and advice on:

Audio Post:
TV & Radio Commercials, Podcast Editing, Programmes and Documentaries     with audio to picture sync, particularly Mastering audio of all genres in preparation for distribrution to streaming services, and Audio Sweetening from video tape or digital sources.

As well, I have extensive experience in editing audio for dance, aerobics, marching
or ice skating routines, and creating custom backing tracks for performers.

Digital Audio: Full production for the Internet, Podcasts, Multimedia, Corporate Videos              and Presentations, Exhibitions, IVR telephone prompts, and audio of all descriptions.

Clean Up Audio:
  Have an audio or video recording that has annoying
background noise or ambience? Recorded a voice over, but it sounds noisy or echoey?
This is a particular interest of mine. I have various professional techniques and tools
that help with that. Send me a sample and I will show what can be done..
Location Recording: High quality multitrack or stereo recording direct to digital media,
especially choirs,orchestras, stage productions with post production to Video, CD, DVD
or Web Podcasts, Interviews, Phone Hybrid for remote interview recording by phone.

Sound Effects:  Huge library onsite, as well as access to major web based libraries..

Restoration and Format Conversion:  If you have a precious sound recording,
vinyl, cassette, reel to reel or archival audio that you would like restored and digitized
to Compact Disc or other digital format, please contact me.

If I can help directly, I certainly will, otherwise I can direct you to someone who can..