Creative Audio
Website of Barry McConnachie
Cadbury World: Production of audio for theatrerette introduction to very popular factory tour, sadly now closed. Authored to Dolby 5.1 DVD
Royal Albatross Colony (Taiaroa): Recording of audio segments for displays at this world famous wildlife attraction

Omarama Merino Experience: Creation and production of the 5.1 Surround Soundtrack for this very impressive audio visual experience

Charlie Mouse CD:  A wonderful collection of  favourite children's stories read by the late broadcasting legend, Colin Lehmann... Recording, Production and SFX by Audioworks

Otago Rugby:  Since the advent of Professional rugby in 1996, Barry has been involved in the music and sound components for the games at Carisbrook and now Forsyth Barr Stadium:-  Highlanders, Otago NPC and All Black test matches. As well, he's created backing tracks and recorded and produced numerous tribute songs for the Highlanders.

Live Theatre: Recording of Voice Tracks, creation of SFX cues and organisation of computer programming for local theatre plays

PLUS: Numerous other Soundtracks, Backing Tracks and all sorts of Audio Creation for local Museums, Operatic, Theatre, School, Amateur and Community Groups
School Productions:  Visual and audio solutions for elaborate school productions. Authored in Powerpoint
Radioworks Otago Airwaves: Each year, an impressive multimedia presentation for advertisers..  DVD with 5.1 Sound
X-Set + X-Factor Showbands:  Filming, editing and production of link and projected sections. Authored direct to computer and DVD
Sidewalk Sally 80s Nights:  Reliving the era of nightclubs.with extensive multimedia content projected onto large screens..
Local Broadcasting legends Neil Collins and Lyndsay Rackley both celebrated milestone achievements in Radio and Barry was instrumental in producing all the multimedia components for the celebrations and special DVDs..
Argus Reunion: Live filming of shows for big screen projection and DVD production
PLUS:  continually helping out friends, family and those in need, with everything from Funeral presentations to videoing concerts,performances and functions.